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* Over the course of the year, between October and July, our Company dancers compete and perform regionally and nationally.  Some months, they are competing at conventions/competitions every single weekend, back to back.  EFAC is so proud of our dancers/parents who dedicate so much of their lives to their dance training.  These dancers train up to 25 hours per week, and rarely miss any class or rehearsal.  Along with the following achievements posted here, we are more than pleased to announce that every single one of our company members are ALL High Honors or Honors students.  If they are not in the studio, they are in the lounge doing their homework or studying!  The responsibility level is truly admirable, and clearly their dance discipline is carried through in all aspects of their lives!  These girls are more like family, spending the majority of their every day lives in the dance studio...Together, they inspire each other to dream, believe, and achieve their individual goals, as they strive towards their hopes of one day becoming a professional dancer.






























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