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Ages: 5-12

These Companies were created for dancers who are eager and motivated to be a competitive dancer/performer, but are working to increase their ability and gain experience. This company allows a smoother integration for the dancers and a better understanding of all that is expected and required to potentially be a member of either the AIT Company or the Pre-Pro Company level. Under the direction of Miss Amy Trager-Tomes, CTP dancers will study in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom, Musical Theater, Contemporary, Acro, Hip-Hop, and Strength & Flexibility. 
CTP Dancers that receive a certain score at our auditions will be given a solo to compete during the season upon teachers/directors decisions.

2020-2021 Current Members:

Ava Gazda
Age: 11
Ella Geraci
Age: 10
Taelyr Lessard
Age: 13


Ages 9-13


This dance Company was created for youth dancers who show promise at an early age.  They train 10-12 hours per week under the direction of Miss Amy Trager-Tomes.  These dancers are being taught the discipline, technique, and strength that it takes to be a competitive dancer, both as a team member and a soloist.  Ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, ballroom, contemporary, improv, hip-hop, strength & flexibility, yoga, and acrobatics are all studied throughout the week.  These dancers will compete on a regional and national level and will perform at all EFAC performances, company shows, etc. For more information about joining our AIT Company, please contact the studio!

2020-2021 Current Members:

Natty headshot.jpg

Natalie Breen

Age: 12

Ella C Headshot.jpg
Sarah Headshot.jpg

Ella Champagne

Age: 13

Sarah Paquette

Age: 12



Ages 13-18


The Pre-Professional Company of EFAC, these dancers train several days and hours per week under the direction of Miss Amy Trager.  All members are soloists and compete regionally and nationally throughout the twelve month calendar year.  They participate in dance conventions, competitions, and local performance venues.  These youth dancers have achieved numerous first place awards, top scholarships, regional titles, and national titles.  Their focus and commitment is exceptional, and all of these artists have hopes of pursuing professional dance careers!  For more information about joining our Pre-Professional Company, please contact the studio.

2020-2021 Current Members:

Hannah B Headshot.jpg

Hannah Breen

Age: 17

Kelsey Headshot.jpg

Kelsey Doukszewicz

Age: 16

Kiera Headshot.JPG

Kiera Green

Age: 16


Ages 18+

This Company was created for passionate dancers over the age of 18, that have graduated from high school/college, but still desire intense dance training with artists their age.  They train approximately 8 hours per week under the direction and guidance of Amy Trager-Tomes.  These artists are trained in all disciplines, and are also trained to be excellent teachers and potential choreographers.  Some have already performed professionally (Patriots Cheerleaders, Cruise Lines, etc) but are back to to train more or make the transition into becoming a mentor for the up-and-coming generation of dancers! EFAC is proud to offer this exciting, non-traditional Company opportunity for these driven dancers.

2020-2021 Current Members:


Cassidy Russell

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